Discipline Classification Survey Instrument & Informed Consent Revisions

From my July 22 meeting with Dr. Allard, some revisions to the survey instrument are warranted.

The relevant files I am working with are these:



The previous notebook entry referencing these materials is online:


As these are works in progress, the documents are archived online on the UT Works Sharepoint Site:

Also as part of the e-mail to open notebook workflow, the documents are available online at:



However I will not be working with these documents further.  The working documents will be accessed via Sharepoint.

I have been informed by the technology coordinator for CICS, Cindy Lancaster, that I can use “Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 program” to interact with draft files that are on Sharepoint, using a traditional “GUI” interface rather than the browser function.  This software is not installed on my workstation in CICS; it is also not available on my personal computer.  However, it is available in a computer lab I have access to.

In addition, I am aware of a very simple procedural recommendation made to my by Dr. Davis, where I can simply download the files of interest to my computer, then upload to the target folder.  This is not my ideal workflow as I would like to minimize my interaction with the files, but in performing the operation for several files I it would seem a reasonable way to minimize the interaction with the files.

Created via e-mail:

DataONE_Discipline_Survey-Informed-Consent.docx DataONE_Discipline_Survey-Instrument.docx

It is possible for me to edit these online within sharepoint (after checking out).

I’d like to post the full link here, but the file path includes my e-mail address.

So, when I have access to the sharepoint 2010 software, I will likely move the files to the network analysis folder, and then provide the link.

Some revisions to make:

  1.  Remove the “& constituent fields” component from S. 1 – Role and Work Setting
  2. Add note that these are very broadly defined
  3. Masters Candidate / Doctoral Candidate isn’t really accurate.  Use student instead to encompass full life cycle
  4. For “scientist,” what is the difference between “junior” and “senior” scientist?
  5. For role and work setting, use “what is your job title” and then “where does it best fit.”
  6. Place the “job title” question last.
  7. Also include “other”
  8. In S. II use degree as drop down. (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate).
  9. Allow for the possibility that there are multiple degrees at the same level (e.g., two Masters degrees)
  10. Include domain as drop-down
  11. Include year as drop down (thought I think this should be year as box)
  12. The description needs to be shorter.
  13. The description states that the survey will take ten minutes.
  14. Need to be sure that the survey really takes ten minutes (create dummy survey and test with friends)

The survey can be done using either:

1) Survey Monkey

2) UTK Qualtrics Survey Account https://oit.utk.edu/research/websurveys/Pages/default.aspx

I don’t feel like “survey monkey” gives a good impression so I am currently more inclined to use the qualtrics survey account. Besides I can export data in several formats.


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