Discipline Classification Survey Instrument & Informed Consent

Hi Dr. Allard,

Here is an attempt at a survey instrument for discipline classification, two sections and 8 questions total.

Section I includes questions about role and work environment.

Questions 1 and 2 derived from Arsev’s PhD dissertation (8 primary subject disciplines; 11 work settings).

Question 3, current job titles, is synthesized from the actual job titles of 284 DataONE.org members’ linkedIN profiles “Job Title” section, that I aggregated and merged into 17 main classifications. I expect the list could be honed further; or expanded, I would love to use the U.S. Census Bureaus list of Job Titles but I think people would get frustrated finding their desired title out of so many options, then quit the survey.

Of the options I provided, I am concerned about “Director” and “Manager;” “Research Fellow” and “Post Doctoral Researcher” and “Research Associate / Assistant.” Perhaps I don’t understand these well enough.

Question 4 and Question 5 are about total career and “in discipline” career.

Section II contains demographics – credentials and degrees first, plus year obtained, and finally age / gender.

“Education” and “Computer Science” include special degrees – Doctor of Education, Education Specialist, and Doctor of Engineering, respectively. I don’t know if you want these homogenized as “Doctorate” or not.

There is an “other” in case there is a problem where a respondent does not see what they expect.

Let me know what the next steps are and if you have any questions.





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