Week 2 Weekly Update

From my point of view this week has been very productive.  I flew out to Bellingham, WA on Sunday and spent all day Monday and Tuesday meeting with her at various coffee shops around town and at the Bellingham Public Library.  We determined that Mendeley will be our data collection tool of choice to keep track of citations as we can also add tags, notes, and keywords which we can then export into a format easily configured for later analysis.  We decided there will be two parts to the project.  One will be searching Google Scholar for the repository assigned accession number of each dataset to track the reuse of data based on the accession number citation.  We will do this for each of the 100 datasets from each of the 10 repositories.  The second part will be searching through a stratified subsample of all the articles that cite the Data Collection Article.  Citations for all of these citing articles have already been collected.  Heather is tweaking some code to add a random number to the title of each article and then converting them into a BibTex file so they can be uploaded into Mendeley.  I will then collect the fulltext for the first 100 citing articles for each dataset (or however many I can complete in 8 hours).  This will make the project completable within the 10 week time span of the internship.

Wednesday I spent traveling home, which took 16 hours and I didn’t get home until 2am Thursday morning as my flight from Chicago to Madison was cancelled and I ended up taking a bus for the last let.

Yesterday I tried out a new tool on Mendeley which would have made my research a lot easier if it were working better and more robust.  You can read more about that on my Open Science Notebook here.  I also started writing up some of our project limitations for the ASIS&T poster proposal abstract which is due July 1st.

Today I started by hacking out some of our methods for the poster abstract.  Those can be seen in the blue text in this planning document.  I also worked on drafting our Mentor Plan before jumping in with some data collection which is outlined in the Open Science Notebook here.

We have also added a Feedback Wanted page to our blog where we have posted and will continue to post ideas and problems that we are seeking feedback from others.  Please check it out and comment often!

That about wraps up my week.  I’ll be putting in a few hours this weekend to make up for my shorter day yesterday so feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

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