June 10, 2011 – Today’s Progress

Today has been a fairly productive day.  I started writing out our methods section for the ASIS&T poster proposal abstract which is due July 1st.  The parts I have hacked out so far can be found in blue print in this Google Document.  That working paper document also contains an updated version of our tagging strategy, some different parts of our methods in bullet points, and other aspects of the project we are figuring out and playing with.

I also worked on drafting our Mentor Plan, which is a week by week plan of what we hope to accomplish for each of the 10 weeks of the internship.  I’ll probably post a copy of that once it is finalized.

I spent a good portion of the day searching Google Scholar for citations of the doi’s of the datasets from Pangaea (this step I did in Bellingham Tuesday evening, but today I gathered the articles into Mendeley and tagged them as appropriate.  The Google Spreadsheet contains the search terms used and the number of hits they produced in Google Scholar.  The tags were applied to this Mendeley group.

I also got through a majority of the searching for the accession numbers of the TreeBASE datasets in Google Scholar and importing the citations to Mendeley.  The search strings and hits can be found in this Google Spreadsheet and the citations can be seen in this Mendeley group.  I have yet to download the related article full-text and apply tags to this batch, but will hopefully get to it this weekend.

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