Seeking Nomenclature Feedback 2

We are calling articles that are reusing data “Data Reuse Articles.”ย  What should we call articles that cite the Data Collection Article but do not reuse the data?

In my preliminary searches I referred to these as “Doesn’t Reuse Data.”

Some of our other suggestions:

Only Cited By

Reuse Candidate

Do you have any better suggestions?

3 Replies to “Seeking Nomenclature Feedback 2”

  1. Don’t like ‘reuse candidate’.

    Prefer ‘Only Cited By’ – it’s sounds more amendable to ontologization c.f. CiTO

    ‘Doesn’t Reuse Data’ could be confusing in the case of a paper that *does* reuse data, but not from the particular paper you’re concerned with. Hence it’d have to be ‘Doesn’t Reuse Data From’ (which is too long and clunky!).

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