Seeking Nomenclature Feedback 1

What should we call the journal article which describes the collection of the data in a dataset and most likely the first article for which the data was used.

A few suggestions follow:

Article of Reference

Data Collection Paper

Original Data Article

Data Submission Paper

We are currently using “Data Collection Article.”ย  Does this succinctly describe the original journal article associated with a dataset?ย  Do you prefer any of the suggestions above or have a better idea?

Please let use know!

3 Replies to “Seeking Nomenclature Feedback 1”

  1. ‘Data collection article’ seems reasonable to me, as it has the positive implication that the methodology behind data collection is explained in the article. Ideally, the first article to use the data would have that documentation. That said, as in much of science, the important thing is not the name itself, but – as Ross suggests – being precise about what the name means.

  2. In the context of your project I’d prefer Original Data[-Providing] Article
    -> ‘Original Data Article’
    obviously not with the silly brackets, but that’s the explanation of what I take it to mean. The trouble is one could easily mis-interpret this as ‘Original, Data Article’ – an original piece of data. Whatever you go with, I guess you’ll have to explicitly explain the term before continuing to use it in the rest of your paper.

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