Week 5 – tying things together

This week, I brought Robin’s ontology search into the Annotator. We already had the ability to load an ontology from a URI. Now a user can search for a term and see ontologies that contain that term in a table. Clicking on an entry auto-completes the “import” box with the URI for that ontology. Right now, the search results table rendering is pretty basic; I think this coming week, I’ll work with Robin to improve the information it comes up with and how it is presented.

The Annotator was originally a module of another lab project called SemantEco. One of my labmates, Evan Patton, had been talking about implementing user management for SemantEco and its other modules, too, so he and I started working this week on user management in the overall framework. I’ve started by implementing interfaces for User and Permission classes. Once those have been refined, which I expect won’t take too long this coming week, I think I can move on to implementing the Annotator’s user management system according to its particular needs.

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