Yet More Graphs

Today I spent the morning trying to get MySQLdb working so that I could fully integrate Python with my databases, so that I could also fully integrate R into a code that would enable me to do a lot of graphs easily. After a few hours, I gave up, due to a faulty installation somewhere along the line. I realised after this that it would be faster and more convenient for me to just hardcode what I wanted to have for R into Python, and use arguments to change the information I needed to.

That worked well. I now have over 200 graphs (although I could have gotten many, many more if I felt the need) which relate to which tags, title-names, etc. are being used on myExperiment. Any column which had a list of things can now be mined pretty efficiently using regular expressions. It took me a bit of time to work out, but I think I learned some more coding and I enjoyed the experience, and I should be on track for Friday.

I’ve uploaded the code to github – it can be found here. Don’t worry, it’s fully commented.

T-1 day until meeting my mentors and seeing what we can get out of this!