Sunday: Updates

Since the last post a few hours ago, I have been working steadily but surely, in order to make up time that was lost in travel or at conferences over the past couple of weeks. I also need to be sure that I am ready for Berlin, which is as close away as Friday, when I will be presenting on this project, and also Thursday, when I will be presenting on the application of workflows in my main area of research. I will be volunteering at the conference, as well, and plan to go to a workshop on Wednesday, as well as writing my first publication by then – so, it’s going to be busy. Which is why I am up so late.

I’ve moved off of LaTeX for the initial draft of what we’re writing up. ย I just had a conversation with Prof. Michener, so I’m going to be editing that draft at the moment, mostly editing the hypotheses/results format we have at the moment. It’s looking good, which is odd, because I haven’t used Word in ages.

Right. In the interest of shorter, more accurate posts, catch you in a bit.