Monday: Scholar, Notes

So, I’ve gone through and downloaded and uploaded another 200 or so papers on workflows. Many of these I got because I wanted papers that cited Bertram’s Scientific Workflows and the Kepler System. I have a couple hundred of those, now. I then went on to realise that the ones which come up first are the ones with the most cites on Google Scholar, so I went ahead and downloaded the first 100 for “Scientific Workflows”, which I think was a good move. Mendeley has a new remove duplicates system, which works pretty well. These are all in the Open Mendeley WF Group.

I then went on to go through every single note I had made over this project, looking for questions that went unanswered, and for projected courses of study that were cut off or neglected. I now have a 100-line document with a lot of questions that I have to answer before we go on getting more data from the myExperiment repository and the corresponding papers I’ve gathered. Tomorrow afternoon will be discussing that task, and going over the document we are preparing. I’ll also try and get some data on some workflows tomorrow – specifically, the example ones, because I want to show that templates influence the projected course of many custom-made workflows. For now, I am going to sleep, because it’s 5am.