Week 4: Document Designs and Outreach Materials

Hi everyone! This week I continued working on advocacy and outreach materials as well as developing a design for the new DataONE Community’s Mission/Vision/Values document.

Going off last week’s materials, I finished up the one-pager PDFs. I imagine the one-pagers to serve as a packet to be distributed at events where DataONE is being introduced and be put on the website available for download. However, I have designed them where they can be used individually and cater to any audience interested in DataONE. More materials to come are PowerPoint presentations made to cater to different audiences, for example audiences who have no idea what DataONE is versus audiences who already have some familiarity with the organization.

Additionally, I developed a design for the Mission/Vision/Values document in InDesign. I created a simple layout following DataONE style guidelines that highlights the necessary information. Since the mission and vision statements are only one sentence, it was challenging to come up with a layout to take up the whole page that would be visually appealing and not have too much whitespace.

Next week, I will be finalizing my designs for the Mission/Vision/Values document as well as starting a design for the Community Governance Model and finishing up my summary report which will be presented at the DataONE Community Meeting.

Thanks for reading, more to come next week!


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