Week 2: Summary Report and Presentation

Hi everyone! I’m wrapping on my second week, and I have lots to share with you all.

This week, I have been working on a summary report and PowerPoint presentation to share at the DataONE Community Meeting. Last week, I looked through interview and survey data conducted over the past year and created an analytical framework to visualize relationships between the data. I used this framework to draft an outline during the first half of the week.

Within the summary report, I will address 4 main topics mentioned in the interviews. The topics are:

  1. Community Governance: In short, DataONE is currently creating a well-structured community governance model that will address leadership and responsibility within the new community structure. The interviews suggested that the governance model should also aim to engage quieter members and provide clear opportunities for getting involved and contributing to DataONE.
  2. Making DataONE International: Many suggested expanding DataONE beyond the United States and its few international partners, and make it available around the globe. This would entail creating a lower-bandwidth version of the search interface to test in developing countries; however, DataONE going global comes with pros and cons, discussed in the report.
  3. New Services and Projects: DataONE becoming community-driven brings many opportunities to offer new services, specifically, creating services that stakeholder groups would be willing to pay for. There are also opportunities around partnering with organizations to create services or outreach projects.
  4. Other Suggestions: Some other suggestions included creating a map of DataONE communities, brainstorming ways to incentivize repositories to share more data, and evolving DataONE to accommodate more disciplines, for example social sciences.

I finished the rest of the week by writing up a draft of the summary report and creating a rough design for the document, and creating a PowerPoint presentation which simply synthesized the information from the report into a presentation style deliverable.

Next week, I will begin working on a draft of the outreach kit. To reiterate, the outreach kit is a set of deliverables intended to be used by the DataONE community to advocate for DataONE and its services to incentivize more participation and contribution.

Thanks for reading, more to come next week!


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