Data set and pdf file uploaded

I have created a data file for the module, which includes parasite species richness (log transformed), sampling effort (log transformed number of studies on the host species), and several ecological traits including adult body mass (log transformed), population density and geographic range size (log transformed). I uploaded the file toย  the DataONE plone folder. I only included host species that has at least five parasite species documented, and have most of the trait data available. There are 50 host species in the data set, which should give enough variation for the students to play around.

I also uploaded the pdf file I generated using LaTeX. I think I have set up the general framework for the main section, although I have not filled in all the gaps because I still need to figure out how to put in R codes. Please let me know any comments about the general formatting. Also, I think the page layout looks awful (e.g. margins too wide), and I will work on that if I have time later.

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