Week 4: The completion of the first cycle of coding

By this week, I have completed the first cycle of coding for the meta-analysis. So far, I have read 55 papers and coded them. There were a lot of lessons to share with other team members such as the criteria of inclusion/exclusion of paper and distinct definitions for each quality assurance mechanism. Thus, I presented those topics and led the discussion during the weekly meeting, and our team could make the fundamental criteria and definitions for the next iteration of the coding.

In next week, I will review my previous coding with the updated criteria and definitions for the coding. I will also start qualitative and quantitative analysis on the quality assurance mechanisms of the eBird project. Theย eBird project is one of the most successful citizen science project and is adapting a lot of quality assurance mechanisms. It will be critical to understand what mechanism has been useful and how the mechanisms have been evolved with the growing size of the project. To increase the corpus of the meta-analysis, I will collect a list of GIS or geography citizen science projects and papers on the projects.

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