Week 8: One more to go

This week, I worked a lot on the architecture of communicating between Python and svg files in terms of interactivity. One of the problems right now was that Graphviz, the software we use to convert the dot files we have into svg files, doesn’t let you pass in parameters for onclick actions and is limited to these things. Thus I had to write an algorithm to go into these files, copy them into a separate svg file (one to read from and one to write from) and modify each object declaration. In addition to this I extracted each node’s names from the in line text.

I had to research how the svg files would interact with the GUI and I found that it is possible to create a class within your python code and then use a reference to an instance of that class in the main script function. This is a simple way to tell the GUI to do something from the SVG file. This week I implemented these separately and next week, the last week, I hope to finish these things early in order to finish documentation as well as record a presentation of my project from this summer.

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