Week 7: Researching

This week my mentor was out of town on a trip to Scotland. Without much communication I took careful steps to research about the future steps that we’re were discussing on making which included creating an interactive .svg file that would be incorporated into the GUI.

So far I was able to include a link within the .svg file that would open a new browser, however this is done with HTML within the file. Since the .svg files are reproduced with every call to the yes-workflow tool, the files would be recreated and any edits to the files prior to the “yw graph” call, would be deleted. This is a discussion to have with the rest of the Yes Workflow team about which architecture changes to make since the GUI was created using various Python libraries, however we would have to edit each of the individual svg (Graph) files to make them intractable. I wasn’t able to find any libraries included within PyQt, the extended Python library that I am using to create the GUI, that would modify svg files to respond to clicks from the user.

Regardless of this problem, I was able to figure out how to link clicks from an svg file to a URL. The next goals I have for next week, which I will be pushing for very hard, will be to distinguish different clicks on items within an svg file. The purpose of this will be to prove that we can link different nodes from the graph to different commands, depending on if they are data nodes or process nodes.

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