Week 3: Interactive Views for Workflows

I just finished week three of my internship with DataONE. The days are going by much faster and there are more and more things to do. This week, I worked with a lot of the functionality of Yes Workflow and trying to integrate these things into the User Interface that I have been designing.

In the beginning of the week, I made myself more familiar and comfortable with the functionality of the Yes Workflow tool and integrated these things into my GUI. There was a lot of trouble I had with this, as I had to call Java shell commands from inside a Python-based GUI, but I quickly learned to overcome these problems with the help of my mentors. Along with this functionality, the GUI is able to render images in new windows that are expandable to the User’s preference. I got to meet some other interns working in the same office as me this week as well. It was a great chance to see what other professors and students are working on in the same building as me (NCSA in Urbana-Champaign, IL).

Each week is considerably more difficult than the last, but this is the way I can push myself to learn even more. I’m excited to start week 4!

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