Second Week as an intern on the Interactive Workflow Views team

To begin my second week, I discussed daily goals as well as something to achieve by the end of the week. These goals were to better familiarize myself with the software prototype they have working as well as to create a GUI using various Python libraries.

Each day, I researched and kept good communication with the team so that anything I found and added to my implementation would be in agreement. I came across a few struggles that we are working on such as retrieving any standard outputs to the shell and printing these to the terminal; some of the API libraries I have come across have low level source code that logs directly to the shell without any communication from the function calls. Things such as these are difficult to come across and I have discussed with the team as to how I can overcome these.

Eventually, I created a simple GUI that references the Yes Workflow tool and can render a graph inside of the user’s window. From inside the GUI, the user can see the files located in the current working directory, filter by file type, and then invoke any yw (Yes Workflow) command on the file. This was a big stepping stone for me because this was one of the first times I had to create a GUI that took input and created output for the users.

This week was a very important week as it broke down communication barriers between members of the team. I feel a lot more comfortable talking with everyone and being open about the development choices I am making. My mentors have been very helpful so far and have taught me a lot about the project and software development!

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