Week 8 : Reproducibility of Script-Based Workflows – Docker and ReproZip experiment

After a week concentrating on reproducing the LIGO script on docker and ReproZip experiment, I encountered some issues with โ€œbrokeโ€ data dependencies and software dependencies when running script on different platforms, but finally figured out how to solve them.I also made document about reproducibility in light of the system dependencies issues for deployment that I faced and spent time delving into what reproducibility really means and PRIMAD Model which consists of Research Objectives, Methods ( test more than one method to test a research hypothesis) , Implementation ( more than one way to realize a method ) , Platform ( cross-platform portability ), Actors and Data (input data and parameter values). Also enhancing some important aspect of YW reproducibility/transparency such as disconfirmability, disconfirmation is discussed in meeting with my mentors.

My plan for this week includes to work on with the updated LIGO script with @uri comment and modify some queries related to URI template, finish the final deliverables , take note what I learnt from these experiments and some problematic platform issues as well as which toolkit for reproducibility should be recommended.


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