Week 4: Reproducibility of Script-Based Workflows


Week four consisted of handling some difficulties with running queries and suggesting non-Prolog/Datalog queries.

The first half of week, I got problem in running queries because Logic Programming and Deductive Database system for Unix and Windows was not installed properly. After installation of XSB (Prolog programming language) was completed, I started creating queries against the YW model and focused on various kind of queries that we might  want to ask of the LIGO.

The second half of week, we had a quick review of YN-NW demo script in Provenance week 2016 and discussed about setting up the environment to run to yw-noworkflow images at Docker Hub, some ideas of generating YW and NW facts to be exported as CSV files using SQL queries instead of Prolog/Datalog queries such as tricky parameterized SQL.

Next week, I’ll try to implement the demo queries (YW*NW) and check which one is easy or hard to be done in SQLite.



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