Week 2: Reproducibility of Script-Based Workflows


After generating various process-oriented workflow views of LIGO gravitational wave script, we reviewed different YW models, made some modifications and I continued to generate combined workflow view (data-oriented and process-oriented workflow view) , then began to compare different YW models, searched containment relationships between those generated models

The second task is to  create queries to answer how the workflow is created, the dependencies of input and output in the lineage graph. Then applying YesWorkflow the feature such as “log” and “URI template” which are written by a user explicitly to get a runtime provenance. Additionally, we discussed running the LIGO gravitational wave project in noWorkflow and building a bridge between YW and NW.

Next week, we will have a more detailed discussion about runtime provenance and applyingYW and NW model in other use case ( MRI script).



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