Week 1: Reproducibility of Script-Based Workflows

My first week’s internship started with a visit to UIUC and had some very informative meetings with my mentors Bertram Ludaescher, Timothy McPhillips and Paolo Missier to catch up with the progress of reproducibility of script-based workflow project. The goal of this project is to apply WorkFlow tools to the use case and check the transparency and reproducibility claims, features, benefits in “real-world setting”.

For the first week, we decided to choose the LIGO gravitational wave detection as a use case. I spent time on familiarizing myself with YesWorkFlow (YW), noWorkFlow (NW) and ReproZip, tried to understand the LIGO GW150914 event, then generated multiple YW models from “very high level” model to “finer-grained” model.

There are a lot work to need to be done for the next 8 weeks and I am excited to work and challenge myself in this team.

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