Week 3 Report

Hi All.

This week, I attended the ProvWG F2F meeting and IPAW. ProvWG stands for Provenance Working Group of DataONE. During the meeting, we talked about D-OPM model and two major use cases along with the future plan especially for the summer intern project. IPAW is short for International Provenance and Annotation Workshop, co-located with ProvWG meeting. Couple interesting and related papers were presented at the conference which brings new ideas to our work. I really enjoy the time at Santa Barbara.So as a result of the discussion, the expected outcome of this summer is a system that can run queries for workflow provenance that takes trace files and queries as input and a result file with same format and a visualization showing the the result of the queries as output. The system will transform the input files to a unified format and import into Postgres database. Translate certain queries and run it against the database. Write out the result in a formated way. Finally combine the result and the original input into a graph and visualize it by highlighting the result.

Start from ext week, I’ll start working on the system step by step, the next piece is writing up format translating mapper and trying to run some examples on the existing system and visualize the result. Also I’ve set up a dropbox folder under ProvWG to collect example traces and queries, please put your example trace in that folder so I can work on that.


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