Week #05 : whet your palette

I worked with Stacy and Amber through the rough cut and fine cut of DataONE’s first Data Story inspired video. I know the anticipation is killing you but, I should be able to post it in its entireity on the DataONE vimeo site next week (once approved by a DataONE committee).  So, here are two stills to whet your palette.

Roadkill_FINAL0 sample still DataONE 010

Final finishing for a video takes a lot more time than one might think.  The devil is in the details and I must admit this isn’t my favorite part.  This is the time for color correct and adding final graphics.   I also needed to check the audio levels of each sound effect, piece of music, and narration line.

The most challenging part for me is working in After Effects.  It’s not my strong point so it was very time consuming.  I made 2 templates which animated the text for the typing on screen and the numbers counting up.   I wrote an “expression” for the first time.  I also made a separate filter which I laid over all of the DSLR footage to make it appear more “Super 8”-ish. Finally, each photograph was manipulated in photoshop.


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  1. Yes, it’s exciting that you’ll be sharing your first video very soon! (Having already seen it myself, I’m not suffering in suspense anymore.) It’s interesting to hear about the various steps you’re going through in editing the videos. It would be great to hear a little more about which ‘expression’ you wrote (i.e., what the code looks like) and how we can see its effects in the video. Great work on wrapping up this first video!

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