Last Summer Blog : Week 9

As the summer internship comes to a close – I have a few last notes about the data management videos.

I do have one last hurdle … working through getting all of the raw data back to DataONE via secure ftp.  My goal is to tackle this over the weekend.  Other than that …

I ended up with 3 fully produced videos.  Each was a little less than 3 minutes.  And each included a graphic open and detailed credits.  They touch on the importance of open source material and the ethics/decisions made around data. They will available on the DataONE Vimeo site shortly and I hope you all take a minute (or 3) to check them out.

I was able to work on the skills I imagined would be necessary to complete the project.  I certainly built on my After Effects skills and knowledge of data management as a whole.

My hope is that they are used to promote DataONE’s mission not only on their website but, in presentations.  While many organizations question the ability for persons to work in a virtual workplace – I think this project stands as proof that this type of atmosphere can be successful. It was very pleasant for me and offered the type of flexibility I needed at this time. I am very proud of the final product which was in the end –  a true collaboration.  I look forward to more in the future.



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