Week 1 – build a solid foundation for future work

Last Thursday, 29th May, I got started my job. This summer, I will work with EVA group on project 8: SimilarityExplorer: inspire climate science discovery through advanced big data analysis.

SimilarityExplorer is an exploratory visualization tool that help climate scientists explore model relationships from multiple perspectives.

I attend the DataONE all hands meeting and joined the discussion. The main goals of the project are 1. integrate Taylor Diagram into SimilarityExplorer; 2. improve the tool to allow exploring data similarity in user defined regions and time periods; 3.make usability improvements; 4. create scenarios for the SimilarityExplorer tool.

For this week’s task, I retrieved SimilarityExplorer codes from NYU Git repositiry, and run it. Then I played with the tool, got familiar with it and built a tutorial to teach new users how to use it. I also set up a linux OP and  installed UV-CDAT to preprocess the data that required for the tool.

So far so good. Thanks for Yaxing and Jorge’s help.

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