Week 9: Markdown-based Semantic Annotation of Workflow Scripts – Project 1

Week 9 – Update

Hello everyone, this Xiaoliang Jiang from project 1. This is the last week for my internship. For this week, I mainly focus on making documentation files and I also fixed some little problems with my function.

Last week, I finished last several parts of my function including created a user-defined association library which could let users add associations by themselves. I found this is a really good idea to let users enhance the ability of functions by adding resources. So, I add a new argument to open association words list to users, which control word which can be used as associations in manually input function. I also revised a little problem that when the users only input title, id and class, the output RDF file will contain two labels. After that, I freeze my functions and started to write documentation.

First, I removed all of the testing codes which help me to test my functions. And then, I add some important comments into my scripts. I also add some supplemental files like pictures and user-defined library in my GitHub folder. Finally, I write a README file to help users understand my function well. In the README file, it consists of:

  • An introduction to show users an overview of my R extension.
  • An installation command to help users install this package easily.
  • A chapter about structuring code.
  • A chapter about how to summarizing code.
  • Some examples about how to use this package.

I tried my best to use some pictures and sample codes explain my function. I hope it will helps users understand my works well.

I have already started to make my poster and prepare to attend DataONE All Hands Meeting at the end of this month. I am so excited that I will share my works with other professors and interns. I would like to thank DataONE for providing me a chance to finish this project. And I appreciate the great ideas, constructive feedback, endless patience, and constant encouragement of my mentors.

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