Week 2 – Update

This is second week for my internship. After I reviewed some useful materials last week, I have a better understanding about my project. According to the 9-week schedule, week 2-3 are mainly focus on design and planning the solution for project in detail, which including sketch out some possible ways to achieve the goals.

So I started to discover possible solutions for my project by learning how to create a R extension. As the final goal is trying to publish RDF in Rstudio, an R extension(or Rstudio extension) should be one of the possible ways. However, after I browsed the official website for creating R extension, I found that creating a brand new R package start from scratch is quite trivial for a 9-week project. In addition, extending R core is not the same as extending RStudio. So after discussed with my mentor, I decided to base on the existed R extension “strcode” to create the semantic markdown extension for my project.

Based on the “strcode”, I forked the semantics branch on Github and understood the logic of the scripts. I made some changes on this package which could let it automatically create break lines in R scripts which contain ProvONE names in it by using the “insert code break” function in “strcode”. After I have a better understanding of the “strcode” and ProvONE, I think I could change it by myself, and add more useful functions into this extension.

For the next week, I will try to get a better understanding of ProvONE, and try to improve the semantics in my scripts. In addition, as feasibility is another very important thing I need to pay attention, I will also think about how to summarize the semantics in these code and how to output them as RDF. Moreover, I will also try to find some alternative solutions besides R extension if it is possible.

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  1. Hello Xiaoliang, it seems you have a clear project plan for the following weeks. I am also interested in the R extension for semantic markdown. Are you going to update your code based on your forked “strcode” repository?

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