ONEMercury Tutorials โ€“ Screencast Tutorials, Final Post

Over the course of the summer internship, some things went better than others, but, overall, challenges were minor. I am grateful for the experience, having learned a great deal about metadata, data curation, the field of technical writing and training, and video production.

In addition to providing feedback on the ONEMercury interface and behavior, I accomplished the internship’s principal goals of:

  • Outlining a workflow for recording screencasts
  • Defining a style for DataONE video tutorials
  • Creating a full set of videos for a DataONE tool

From here, a future intern can begin directly with scripting and recording videos for other tools.

My eleven tutorial screencasts on the ONEMercury search tool cover the following topics:

  • Basic Search
  • Downloading Data
  • Geographic Search
  • Exporting Citations to Mendeley
  • Exporting Citations to Zotero
  • Boolean Operators
  • Date Search
  • Fielded Search
  • Searching by Member Node
  • Saving Search Results
  • Understanding Search Results

The videos are not currently publicly available, but will hopefully go live at the same time as some minor visual and organizational updates to ONEMercury occur in the near future.

Next week we’ll be presenting the screencasting workflow and style recommendations at the Ecological Society of America’s 99th meeting. I’ll be presenting an Ignite-style talk and Amber will present a poster. We’ll also have a table where we can show the videos and give demos of ONEMercury. Feel free to stop by the table and talk shop!

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