Week2 – Exploration of DataONE and Whole Tale

Hi all,

This is my second week. The goal of this week was to expand the use of the systems for the actual computational study through Artic Data Center (ADC), and focus on the use of provenance for the packages in the study. Bertram(my mentor) and I also had an additional goal to have an overview of how the computational synthesis to be stored in a fully reproducible and transparent manner.

At first, I have been completing the expansion of the use of DataONE system. Using the provided test server of ADC, creating and updating some test data packages both using web interface and using R. These practices gave me a clear view of system as well as a process of how to use DataONE. While doing these activities, I had a chance to have a chat with Bryce (engineer for DataONE) for the questions about the unclearness of the use of system as well as some provenance representations (e.g., how provenance would be represented for the nested data package, i.e., resource map containing another resource map). This chat provided some additional useful information on top of those from week 1 and made me much clearness of use of DataONE as a user.

Along with this activities, I spent some time to learn about Whole Tale of how it looks like, how I can use the “tale”, and so on. I have found some references for Whole Tale system and am still reading out some of those (probably keep doing this for the beginning of week 3). The goal of this activity is to clearly see how I can help the researchers produce fully reproducible tales describing those computational synthesis. Furthermore, Bertram (my mentor) and I had discussed a base line scenario as a starting point and will evolve this scenario for the following weeks.

For the next week, main things I will take care of are 1) to keep learning about Whole Tale and 2) to use some tales to incorporate with DataONE based on the scenario we have had this week (also evolving the scenario). The github repository for these weekly activities are coming up as well.

I think this is all regarding updates.
Hope that all have nice weekend.

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