Week 8 – Error Analysis

There have been a few more refinements to the Data Paper error categories. This involved further condensing the smaller categories into one overarching category. For example, Assure had two sub-categories: assurance procedures and assuring data. We combined these into one category. Once this was complete, I was ready to start analyzing the errors. This involves tallying the number of papers that have each type of error. For example, 92% of the Data Papers had Collection and Organization errors. To make this process go somewhat quicker, I started writing scripts to automatically calculate percentages for all the over-arching categories, sub-categories, and detailed errors. At this point, I have my proof of concept script working. The next step is to expand this script to cover all identified errors, instead of just the over-arching categories.

At the same time, we have been making final adjustments to get the data manager survey ready to send to data managers. First, we wrote a recruitment email to send out. Then, we added an introductory page to the survey. Next, we made final passes over the survey to catch any remaining questions that may need clarification. Finally, the Institutional Review Board approval arrived, which gave us the clearance we needed to start collecting data. The next step is to send out the email requests.

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