Week 4 Problem-Solving & Prepare Mid-term Evaluation

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This week is a “problem-solving” week. I really enjoyed this week and I was so excited that I will go to the next step “hands-on” part! Professor Bertram and I discussed the Mind Map designed for further research and my questions about understanding provenance models have been solved including OPM, W3C PROV, PROV ONE and the UML graph of prospective and retrospective provenance. In the next week’s meeting, I will give a presentation called “ Glimpse of Galaxy history and workflow”, which I would explain more about the content below.

Prospective and Retrospective provenance

To make people understand these two concepts more easily, a graph had been created by Lim, Lu, Chebotko, and Fotouhi (2010). This E-R graph is based on the Open Provenance Model (OPM), so terminologies in the graph are cited from the original OPM. Retrospective provenance is always described as history or records, containing artifacts, agents and processes while prospective provenance is represented by workflows, which are called “recipes”.

Figure 1 E-R diagram for modeling prospective and retrospective provenance

In the diagram above, it is clear to tell that retrospective provenance could be explained as an instance of prospective provenance. For example, Tom cooked food A based on a recipe. The recipe is prospective provenance, while the process to get food A is retrospective provenance.

Mid-term Evaluation Preparation

How time flies, mid-term is not far from today, so I began the preparation this week, mainly focus on reading papers and draw diagrams for presentation. Regarding my mid-evaluation, it could be divided into two parts, one is an annotated bibliography and the other is a presentation! For the annotated bibliography, research on provenance surveys, provenance models and current application of provenance tools would be covered. When it comes to the presentation, I will discuss more details with professor Bertram early next week.

Hope you have a good weekend.

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