Prospective and Retrospective Provenance Queries: Week 7 – Fine-tuning YW Model & SPARQL queries

Hi all,

It’s Linh Hoang, the intern from project 3 (again 🙂 ). Time flies! And we are reaching the last few weeks of the internship!

This week, we mainly spent time for fine-tuning our YW Model. Some minor changes were made for naming convention purposes. Also documentations of the model including UML digram and vocabularies are completed. We are happy to share with you guys our Github repository where we have published all of our works for this internship. Here is the GitHub folder where you can find all of the information about our YW Model (updated up to today): Yesworkflow Model. Even though we still have challenges when mapping this model to the standard ProvONE model. However, with the current design and mapping mechanism, we are able to answer most basic queries (using SPARQL) from ProvOne users (who don’t know YW Model vocabularies particularly) using ProvONE vocabularies only. Some of sample queries can be found here: ProvONE Vocabularies – Sample queries.

In term of SPARQL queries, along with the updates made in YW model, we revised our queries accordingly and tested them on Virtuoso. We also combined queries and created a single shell script that allows users to run all queries at the same time and print out the results to a text file. List of queries have done and tested so far (total 38) can be found here: SPARQL Queries – Virtuoso. There are still a number of queries needed to be tested. And we are going to do so next week.

Along with these achievements, we still have research questions regarding SPARQL and RDF capabilities. Such as: Is there any transparent way to implement “rdfs:subClassOf” and “owl:sameAs”?,  research on how to use OWL and reasoners? These action items seem to take times to do. Therefore, we hope even the internship is going to end (soon), we still continue the works and dig deeper into this RDF/OWL worlds.



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