Week 8 – More on the search results

Currently we are still testing the new use cases according to the data one’s new requirement. This means new ontologies need to be added to the knowledge base and all use case test should be passed. (satisfying search results).

In order to improve the search performance, a redexing on our knowledge base is needed. A good index not only improve the search performance but also resolve the certain keyword stemming issue we previously found. This time we have to very careful regarding the special characters pre-processing in all RDFs and add useful relation reasoning triples if possible.

While Katie is still focusing on bringing users’ data to javascript objects that I can call, I’m now concentrating on improving the user experience of owl recommendation context menu. To replace the sub-menu view with a pop-up window is a better option to me and more useful information can be displayed since there would be much more space if we use a new window to hold contents.

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