Week 7 – Debug and Improvements

Week 7 is mainly about resolving the existing bugs and issues within our newly added functions. After the discussion with my mentor, we are specifically looking for 3 improvements to our current owl search:

1. Currently, in the search result the user would get a list of urls of the owls or the entities after keyword search. But we can also generate some important metadata that can be provided to the user such as it’s type, label and name. We aim to provide user with a detail page to each result by adding a button like “See details”/”Detail info”.

2. Similar to many other search tools, our owl search api is also facing keyword stemming problem. For example, if we want to search for an owl related to woods, but incorrectly typed in “wooden” or “woody”, no result would be returned since our api is doing absolute keyword matching. Here we aim to take advantage of some NLP technology to enable query expansion for the user. Currently I’m aiming at giving user alternative keyword suggestions when no result is returned.

3. We are expecting a smooth merge of the codes newly added to the annotator. I and Katie would need to sit down next week to resolve potential conflicts and catch up on other stuff too.

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