Week 6 – Enabling recommendation feature based on user profile

This past week was mainly about implementing the owl recommendation feature. Currently in the annotator we have a context menu display when the user right-click on the column header of the csv file he/she imported. I added “annotation recommendation” as one of the option/function to the menu. The recommendation function automatically extract metadata from the imported csv file and the user profile, and performs auto keyword search based on the mentioned metadata analysis. The top result will be recommended to the user meanwhile the user is in charge of accepting the result and is still able to make modification to the keywords. Katie would have updates on the user history/profile data collecting, we would meet and discuss our next integration this week.

I also had a discussion with my mentor regarding the possible improvement of our current earth science knowledge base. We did an evaluation of a new data one use case (which is supposed to be accomplished in the next 18 months). We compared the search results in our search tool with the ones on BioPortal and found that there were more missing ontologies that could be added to our current knowledge base.

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