Week 6: Update on ESOR

The plan for this week is to begin with the implementation of ESOR front end. After the approval of the design, I started working on the development part related to the uploading and storage functionalities. We had to take care of version control, file formats and size of the ontologies that will be uploaded. For now, the front end supports uploading of ontologies in owl, rdf and ttl formats. I created scripts for running the java program that converts the ontology files from owl, rdf or ttl formats to nt format. When the user opts to upload an ontology, the file format will be verified, and it will be converted to a .nt file and will be saved in the server. I have also included the details of the core functionalities that the front end will support.
The code will be deployed in the server after all the basic functionalities have been implemented. Few test cases will also be executed in the coming days, to verify and validate the core functionalities.

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