Week 4: Update on ESOR

This week, I continued working on the REST API documentation for the Earth Science Ontology Repository backend source code. The API is according to the DataONE API format.
I had generated documentation for basic modules last week, and this week, I focused on the main modules and I had created a web page where we can access the documentation in the HTML format. I had to go through the ESOR source code, to learn more about the functions of various methods and the relationship between them. We already had documentation for the Linkipedia framework and the ESOR, which helped me to understand different functionalities associated with the ESOR. We had to develop the HTML separately as we had many examples and other structures which made formatting difficult when we tried to convert the document to HTML directly.
My secondary mentor Xixi was helping me this week by reviewing the API documentation that I had generated. I have incorporated her feedback in the revised document as well as in the web page which we have created to log the ESOR REST API documentation. The documentation is also available in the .doc format and I hope this will help the developers to understand better how the Earth Science Ontology Repository works.

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