Week 3: Update on ESOR

This week I worked on generating the REST API document for the Earth Science Ontology Repository backend source code. The API is according to the DataONE API format.
Generating REST API document for ESOR requires basic understanding of the core functionalities. I went through the ESOR source code and learnt the functions of various methods. The functionalities of the Linkipedia framework are already documented and this helped me to better understand different functions of ESOR. Interactions with my secondary mentor Xixi, helped me in resolving minor questions that I had on the source code. I learnt to incorporate RESTful APIs in the code, using Maven. I have also provided various examples like code, query and outputs as samples for various methods.
I plan to list the document on the project page, next week. Meanwhile, I will try to add some exceptions to the existing source code, using more suitable exception handling classes. The same has been updated during the weekly meeting with my primary and secondary mentors.

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