Week 1: Beginning to work on Earth Science Ontology Repository

My first week of internship was great, as I began working on the project “Making a Robust and Useful Earth Science Ontology Repository”. I didn’t get to meet my mentors Dr. Deborah L. McGuinness and Dr. Xixi Luo this week, and we communicated via email.
I will be working on creating the front end for ESOR. It requires understanding of some basic terminologies and hence the idea for the first week was to learn the concept of ontologies. I got some hands-on experience with Protรฉgรฉ and built some tiny ontologies using the tool. It was a good opportunity for me to learn more about N-triples, OWL, RDF, etc.
In the coming weeks, I am expected to focus on the documentation of the RESTful API and then the front end for Earth Science Ontology Repository, where we can perform tasks like ontology uploading, semantic search or linking and annotation. Looking forward to work on these.

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