Voiceover Talent Scouts—Cast your vote!

This past week has been a busy one as the DataONE online learning modules are being prepared for the next stage of production. All but three have moved into the next stage of final edits and are getting ready for their Flash conversion.

Several important decisions have been made this past week . We decided to go with a second design option that I think will improve the overall look and use of the slides as well as a decision on what multimedia features we would like to have included. Our Work group decided we would like to have voiceover for this project to assist and enhance the learning of our users.
By the end of this week I had 16 applicants from an online media contract agency that I have used in the past. Out of the 16 applicants 4 were selected as final candidates. Members from the work group are now in the process of voting via a poll that was e-mailed out to them after viewing a PPT slide of the four applicants.

Scripts have been written for three modules and will be reviewed by mentors with more scripts being completed over this weekend. By the middle of next week I hope to have our winning candidate begin with the recording of the slides using their own recording studio equipment. They will then deliver the finished audio files to me which I will edit if needed and import into the Flash interface. The audio files will automatically be synched with the slides and will allow our users to both listen and read the narration under the notes tab.

Well it’s not American Idol, but here is your chance to cast your vote!  You can gain access to the PPT/Poll by clicking the link below.


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