Subversion Adventures

This week most of the modules are entering into their final editing stage.

To streamline production and for the sake of time I have posted all the updated modules into a Final Draft folder so everyone in our working group can review and make any changes or suggestions for edits.

I am also currently pilot testing a few of the modules as they will appear in the online version. This has been an adventure this week as I have been introduced to the subversion process and DataONE’s repository via Tortoise SVN software.  After some trial and errors (and after using the correct CAPS with my UserID!)  I am now off and running  in exploring this tool further.  HTML and SWF files are now being uploaded to see how the final output and player will look. The software(PPT2FLash Studio 2.0 Professional version) I found compared to other major software programs to be the most user friendly, had the least amount of kinks, transferred SmartArt  (which many did not) and PPT animations (only found one kink with the motion pathway function) ,easily imports multi-media formats and interactive quizzes.  Many of the competitors made you pay extra for the quiz component while with this program it was included in its already discounted price of $95.00.

Also this week the surveys have been completed and are linked to the modules.   Assessment questions are currently being written for the quiz component.   I have asked all contributors in our working group to submit any examples that they feel would be relevant to their modules.  I will be creating a couple of callout sections in the modules called “Data in Real Life” that will feature either a short case study or real life example to support the content in the modules.  Our recent module updates can be found at

On to the next adventure!

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