Speed it up. . .!

This past week things have been moving at a faster pace as we selected our voiceover winner Jim Taylor who has started recording our first module.  Over the next few weeks we will be continually in the process of completing and finalizing all modules, writing and finalizing of  module scripts, and doing last minute edits before moving to the last stage of production.  To track these final stages a new July production schedule has been created which you can view here. 


I suspect the coming weeks will be comparable to a production assembly line as I coordinate and juggle content between my mentors, the Working group members, and our voiceover while striving to keep things on schedule.  It is not unlike one of my favorite Lucy scenes when Lucy and Ethel get a job wrapping candy.  They try their best to keep up, but things only get worse when their supervisor walks in and shouts to the conveyor belt operator. . .speed it up! I suspect other interns are also feeling the approaching deadlines. For a little weekend stress relief watch the clip here. . .http://youtu.be/uztA6JCKB4s

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