Multi-tasking in the Heat

It hit 110 degrees here in Phoenix this past week and I have been trying to focus on completing the quiz assessments that are to appear at the end of each module in both the PPT version and the online module format. This has proven to take more time than originally anticipated as the process involves studying the content and then writing assessment questions that will address the learning objectives. A first draft of all the module assessments has now been completed and will be uploaded to the modules and posted for edits. The survey has also been created and is now linked to all of the modules. I have delayed following up with the work group this week on current edits as decided that it would make more sense to wait until the quizzes are loaded as this component will especially require review and feedback to ensure I am interpreting the content correctly. A sample of a couple of “Data in Real Life” segments as they appear in two modules has now been posted for the work group to review and to think about if they still would like to submit something that would be related to their modules. Can find here. . .

Of course one always has to make room to work on a few technical kinks here and there as I pilot test the final output of a few modules in the DataONE repository. While working out the kinks I am nearing completion of the introduction/course overview/design document that will serve as the main opening page to the course along with links that will open up to the individual course modules. A draft of this page will also be posted this week.

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