Articulate Improves Student Performance

For the DataONE online learning module project I recently made a U turn in my software selection and ended up in the Articulate camp where I  crowned this software the “Cadillac of e-learning software programs”.  It was nice to find that there has been research conducted using this program in the classroom. The article I think supports its potential in being a very effective learning tool and demonstrates that students really do learn best when traditional learning is supplemented with  online or hybrid approaches.  Our current modules will be developed using this program and I am sure the Working group will discover its ease of use and other capabilities whether in further development of current project or future DataONE projects.

Research project reveals that hybrid teaching approach – using Articulate software to create e-learning – dramatically improves student performance  

New York, NY – April 3, 2008 – A technical report from a University of Houston Department of Health and Human Performance researcher finds that students in a hybrid class that incorporated instructional technology with in-class lectures scored a letter grade higher on average than their counterparts who took the same class in a more traditional format.

Dr. Brian McFarlin, a researcher and assistant professor at the University of Houston, created e-learning courses using Articulate Rapid E-Learning Studio Pro, and incorporated this in conjunction with classroom lectures. His traditional Kinesiology class met twice a week for a 90-minute lecture in a large auditorium. Alternatively, his hybrid class met once a week for traditional 90-minute lectures augmented with Articulate-created e-learning courses. The courses were accessed by students from the University’s WebCT Learning Management System (LMS).

“The main reasons I chose Articulate was for its ease-of-use and the quality of the output,” said Dr. McFarlin. “If you can use PowerPoint, then your learning curve is minimal and the results are really engaging. I also like how easily Articulate produces SCORM output that lets me publish my courses to our University LMS for student access and tracking.”

Student feedback regarding the hybrid teaching model was extremely positive. “I was surprised that the increase in student grades was so dramatic,” continued Dr. McFarlin. “I personally think that the hybrid format is the wave of the future.”

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