All Good Things must Come to an End. . .

Well I can’t believe this is my final entry here. . .but here we are at the end of my DataONE internship.  I learned so much during my time with the Community Engagement work group. Much about data management, metadata, data sharing, media management/workflows, and eLearning softwares.  All of these skills will be useful as I continue now with my  own media/eLearning agency and with my research that focuses on developing accessible content to the adult populations that I serve.  This weekend I am off to Baltimore Maryland to attend the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Connecting People to Science conference where I will be presenting my research on citizen science and the integration and accessibility of the geosciences with the current Arizona ELAA curriculum for Hispanic immigrants.  I am currently working on this project with the Paleontological Research Institute and are in the process of applying for an Opportunities for Enhancing Diversity in the Geosciences (OEDG) NSF grant for this coming year.  

A special thanks to my mentors Viv Hutchison and Carly Strasser. . .you’ve both been great! However, I don’t think any of us will want to see another Powerpoint slide for awhile!  Also a special thanks to Amber Budden and to everyone in the Community Engagement Workgroup.  Keep up the good work!

 Below are links to my final production sheet. I also created a link to Module 10 as another sample of the final product. . .


 Thanks again. . .

Melody Basham

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