[week 9] New and Emerging communities

This is the last day of my summer internship. It has been a superb experience. I’ve recieved very generous and professional help from mentors and many other members from DataONE community.  I am especially very grateful for Suzie and Dane. They keep encouraging me and providing guidance on everything. I’ve learned numerous things along the way and would love to be kept involved in this great community. Although we are still half-way through the project, I’m planning on presenting the current products in AHM in September. I’m looking forward to getting feedbacks on our study and figuring out the way ahead.

Here is a summary of work this summer. As alwasy, any suggestions and comments are more than welcome:

Summary of activities

Week 0: June 13rd to June 18th

  • Completed CITI training
  • Collected readings on environmental health and synthesis centers

Week 1: June 20th to June 25th

  • Annotated bibliography:

An annotated bibliography around environmental health and synthesis centers. Papers included focus on definition of environmental health, one case study that demonstrates the power of incorporating environmental data into human health research, background and topics in environmental health, and the communication modes of EH researchers. For Synthesis center, I collected papers that describe their definition, mission, history and working group models.

Week 2: June 27th to July 1st

  • White paper draft

A white paper draft that 1) introduces environmental health background 2) defines environmental health and its research community; 3) presents convincing cases that demonstrates how environmental data can inform human health research.

Week 3: July 4th to July 9th

  • Case studies outside DataONE
  • Updated Bibliography: Case studies added

Week 4: July 11th to July 15th

  • Case studies within DataONE

This document describes how case studies for New/Emerging communities were selected. Basically, case studies that are listed in the spreadsheet are 1) environmental health studies, 2) within recent 10 years, 3) used dataset from DataONE member nodes, 4) research papers. The search methods include: member nodes publication page, google scholar, and web of science. The results can be seen in “case studies within DataONE_0818_SU2016.xlst”


Week 5: July 18th to July 22nd

  • Recruitment emails to synthesis center people
  • Interview preparation
  • Expanded case study list

Week 6: July 25th to July 29th

  • Two synthesis center interviews
  • Case studies selection method document

Week 7: Aug 1st to Aug 5th

  • One synthesis center interview
  • Two transcriptions
  • First round of recruitment emails to individual researchers.

Week 8: Aug 8th to Aug 12nd

  • Three researcher’s interviews
  • One transcription
  • Second round of recruitment emails to individual researchers.

Week 9: Aug 15th to Aug 19th

  • Two researcher’s interviews and one synthesis center interview
  • One transcription
  • Organized data and metadata of this summer

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