Week 6: New/Emerging communities

This has been a hectic week….A lot of prep for the first interviews.

  1. Conducted two interviews and had one scheduled next week.
  2. Expanded the list of case studies. Searched and documented environmental health studies which used the datasets from DataONE member nodes such as USGS, NEON, KNB, LTER, etc.

plans ahead:

  1. Get a list of individual researchers from case studies. Send out recruitment emails.
  2. Conduct interviews and transcribe recordings.
  3. Find out if the results data from case studies are available. Document more details in case selection method. Write up a section in white paper about how we develop those cases.
  4. Develop a stakeholders Map, figure out the communication channels. The focus is how we can bridge the emerging communities and their data needs.
  5. Continue to update bibliography, focusing on synthesis centers and interdisciplinary collaboration.


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