Week 1 Emerging Communities

Last week I began to work on literature review of environmental health and synthesis centers. The goals are to 1) draft the outline for the lit review and begin filling in some introductory text, and 2) Identify key readings and develop an annotated bibliography around this.

The output of this week include:

  1. An annotated bibliography around environmental health and synthesis centers. Papers included focus on definition of environmental health, one case study that demonstrates the power of incorporating environmental data into human health research, background and topics in environmental health, and the communication modes of EH researchers. For Synthesis center, I collected papers that describe their definition, mission, history and working group models
  2. Identified some environmental health communities including The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), National Environmental Health Association, Environmental Health Australia (EHA), Univ. of Wash. Environmental health research groups, etc.
  3. An introduction sketch with outline and some of the text in it.

For next week, I plan to:

  1. Get a list of people that may be interested in participating in our study.
  2. Wait for IRB approval. Use the IRB application to develop the materials once we have it.
  3. A white paper draft that 1) defines environmental health in the way that the role of environmental/earth observation data is stressed; 2) presents convincing cases that demonstrates how environmental data can inform human health research; 3) how synthesis centers can support multi-disciplinary research such as EH.

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