[intern]week 4 New/Emerging communities

I have been sick this week, so most of work has been suspended. The main output:

  1. With the help from Dane, we are able to continue the list. Iโ€™ve found in USGS publication page hundreds of environmental health studies that used DataOne data. But I havenโ€™t got a chance to selectively incorporate them into our list
  2. Iโ€™ve contacted DataONE member in USGS and are waiting for response. Meanwhile Iโ€™ve read environmental health group page and documents.

Next week plan:

  1. Continue the list of case studies. Select cases that are highly inter-discipline and interesting.
  2. Write up a section in white paper documenting how we select the cases, why we do this, what are the domains of authors in the cases, and how can environmental data help human health studies.
  3. Contact USGS environmental health group. Find out institution history of working with interdisciplinary fields. Talk to key personnel and look at some documents, try to understand how they identify new communities and how they bring different disciplines together.
  4. Develop a stakeholders Map, figure out the communication channels. The focus is how we can bridge the emerging communities and their data needs.
  5. Continue to update bibliography, focusing on case studies and synthesis centers.

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